How to Get the Perfect Makeup

Before you start looking for gorgeous makeup, you first have to get the perfect base. Perfect makeup is essential to make you look gorgeous. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing body skin is also important before applying any makeup else on your face.

After a good cleanse, you can now apply concealer to hide any dark circles or shiny spots on your skin. Dab on a bit of foundation using a sponge, or finger first. Pay close attention to your under-eye area, you may even choose to apply concealer first within your eye area to prevent any embarrassing mishaps later. Now it is time to define your eyebrows. If you are naturally tiny, be careful not to apply too much. If you are after a natural look, then anything goes. Just make sure you can see your brows clearly.

Risa draws attention to her nose, and it is often the most prominent feature people will see. You can make your nose appear smaller by drawing attention to it. Applying a little lip liner will also help to give the illusion of a smaller nose. When you experience winter without makeup, a chic smoky eye is a great way to give yourself a little glowing nose.

Impartial makeup is great for any time of the year! The key to achieving this look is to stay balanced, so go with a simpler, less eye-catching look. To start off, start with a beige foundation, and apply with a damp sponge. You can always moisten the sponge with a bit of water, and apply it again!

Blush is also a great way to enhance your cheekbones and accentuate bone structure. It is best to pick a colour that is a little bit darker than your natural complexion. By using contours, or darker variations of your usual blush colour, you can make yourself look chic and exotic. Pick up a liquid, powder blush, and apply it on with a damp sponge. Too dry? Must try the cheek stain.

The powder is the last step in your makeup application. Even though you have gone through the effort of finding a perfect blush, the powder is the one part of your makeup that you cannot forget. For a definitive flawless finish, use a flat top powder brush. Pick up a darker shade than your blush, and using a flat angle brush apply it on your entire face.

Finish with a lip brush for colour and lip liner. Draw a line around your cupid’s bow, and fill in with a matching shade of lip liner. The shade you choose can be as precise as you like, or as loose. The point is to give you a photo-perfect look. For a smoky look, choose a dark liner, and draw a line over your entire lip.

If you want the look of volume, apply an all-over matte lipstick. advances in technology have made lipstick production more precise, and the colours are very true to what it should be. Now instead of leaving reds and berry shades behind on your lips, you can apply a variety of lipsticks that will emphasize your lips. The lip brush helps you steer clear of excess, and the liquid helps the colour stay on longer.