How to Apply Eye Shadow


Eye shadow is your best makeup tool. Using eye shadow you can create the style of eyes you want. For example, bold, dramatic eye makeup will look great on those who have wide, rows, or small eyes. Sweep subtle, colour across the lids, and blend in at the edges to look fresh. Start with the inner corner of your eyes and work your way out to the outer corners. You can also use shadow powder to highlight the brow bone. If you are looking to make your eyes look bigger, use an eye shadow primer or an eye shadow base. An eye base will make your eye shadow stay in place better, as well as avoid any smudges.

Eye makeup tip: Make sure to blend the eye shadow well. Blending is the key to perfect eye makeup

Eye makeup tip: Choose good colours that will complement your eye colour. Avoid colours like green or blue, or they will make your eyes look small.

Eye makeup tip: Start light and apply evenly. Then build. You can use concealer or foundation to cover imperfections, or you can use eyeliner to make your eyes look extra wide.

Eye makeup tip: Don’t fly off the deep end. Some pastels can make your eyes look washed out. If you’re going for a bridal look, you can’t go wrong with baby pinks or corals.

Tinted moisturizer is your best bet if you’ve got time for a balayage. Pick one that matches your skin tone, and massage it into your skin in circular motions for about 10 seconds

Blush is your other makeup essential. While it’s tempting to think you need hundreds of different shades of blush, you can easily find the one right for you. When picking a blush, pick one that blends with your skin colour. For example, if you have a warm skin tone, choose a pink blush. If you’re trying to figure out which colour to wear, pick from the same colour family as your lipstick.

Eye shadow

Eye shadow: Your eye shadow application is one of the most crucial steps of your look. Good eye shadow application will give you a finished look. Makeup artists know how to blend eye shadow so that it appears natural, and will give you the look you want. Using the right eye shadow will give you the best look, and you’ll know how to apply it.

How to apply eye shadow: Okay, so you’ve decided you want to go with colourful eye shadow, and you’ve got all the colours right in your makeup box. But how do you apply it?

Eye shadow is a makeup expense, and you can certainly go overboard. Instead of applying your eye shadow all at once, work slowly. If you apply your eye shadow with a brush, then you’re going to ruin it before it has a chance to even dry.

Instead of using your fingers, use an eye shadow brush. The brush will give you better control, and it will help to blend the colours together for a seamless look.

Start by applying the lightest colour all over your eyelid. It will be your eyeliner. Then apply the medium colour all over your eyelid, blending it up into the crease. Then apply the darkest colour all over the crease, blending it into the lighter shadow.

You want to start lightening up your eye as you work towards darker colours. If you go too light, you can go too far, and if you go too dark, you’ll look scary! So start lightening up your eye, and you can gradually go darker.

Using your brush, apply the colours you’ve selected for your eye. The colours don’t have to be neat, just allow the natural colours to show through. This will give you colours that look best on you.

Start with the inner eye, and work your way outwards. If you apply the colours quickly you’ll have a hard time blending it all in. If you need to wet your brush, you can hold it a little damp and use it to blend the colours together in a circular motion, or you can hold it at an angle and use it to blend those colours together.

Use a light colour eyeliner, and work your way towards darker colours. If you go too dark you can end up looking like a raccoon. You want to give the impression that your lines are thin, so keep the lines handy. If you go too light you can end up looking like a ghost. You’ll need good control, so keep your hand steady.

Finishing touch

You can apply a little finishing powder over your eyelid to complete the look you’re getting from your eye shadow.