3 Makeup Tips That Consistently Work

When it comes to the makeup world of insta-trends, it’s reassuring to know what actually works and what’s just hype, media, and marketing. As a beauty editor who has spent decades on photo shoots with top makeup artists and A-list celebrities, I have learned the ten most effective tried-and-true beauty tips for women over 50. Despite the introduction of new brands, formulas, and technologies, you can rely on these insider tips for your DIY projects.

1. Begin afresh

Makeup must be applied immediately after cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturising the face in order to be effective. The combination of warm water, facial massage, and your choice of cream, oil, or serum stimulates the skin by plumping up lines, buffing away flakes, and moisturising dry or postmenopausal skin. This means that no time should pass between cleansing, moisturising, and makeup application. To be clear, you cannot wash your face, eat, check your messages, shop online, or talk on the phone, and then resume the activity you were previously engaged in.

2. Apply eye makeup prior to facial makeup

It is the order that minimises mess. No need to worry about shadow fallout on the cheeks or under-eye liner smudges that can “dirty” foundation, blush, or concealer and necessitate a reapplication. Priming eyelids with a primer or cream shadow will preserve eye makeup and ensure a more uniform application.

3. Brown or black gel-pencil liner accentuates the eyes.

These waterproof liners are more pigmented than conventional kohl pencils, less messy than brush-on gels, and more flattering than harsh liquids or markers. Rest your elbow on a table to keep your hand steady. Observe yourself in the mirror, raise your chin, and make small back-and-forth movements along the base of your upper lid. Begin at the eye’s extreme periphery and work toward the tear duct, gradually thinning out three-quarters of the way in. As close to the lash roots as possible, fill in any gaps. It is the pigment density, not the line thickness, that produces a strong border. Under the upper lashes, “tight-line” the waterline to enhance eye shape. Gently press the brow bone to reveal the lower edge and line. Use a light touch when applying eyeliner beneath the eyes, or for more drama (especially on deep-set or hooded eyes), line the lower-lid waterline.