Top 5 under 5 ( featuring Essence)



Makeup doesn’t need to be always expensive! There are a lot of drugstore brands that offer some amazing products.

One of them is Essence! Essence is known to be extremely affordable , I have tried some products from them and it’s kind of 50-50, there are products that didn’t work out for me and on the other side I have found some products that are not leaving my vanity and that I definitely will continue repurchasing .


My absolute favorite is the Essence Pure Nude Highlighter ($4.49) : this highlighter is life , I can not even believe that this one comes from the drugstore. It just gives a beautiful sheen without any chunky glitters , it’s actually one of the most natural highlighters that I own. If you are looking for that natural, within glow you definitely need to try this one!


The Matt Matt Matt lipstick ($3.99)range is beautiful as well the lipsticks go on really smooth without any tugging on the lips and they are so opaque . They currently have 8 shades ( I hope they’ll expand their range 😉 ) and my favorite one is Perfect Match 02.


The Essence lip liners ($1.99) they are the classic wooden style lip liner. What I love about these lip liners is the price, the color payoff and even though they are wooden lip liners they go on so well without leaving my lips feeling like a dried out desert .


About the Mascara : if you are looking for an affordable mascara that is going to give you volume, length without any flacking through out the day than my answer is: Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara($4.99)!


If you are more on the pale – light side than you will love this one : the single eyeshadow in Snowflake from essence. I’ve tried a few of their single eyeshadows and most of them haven’t impressed me that much, accept Snowflake. The way I like to use this one is like a highlighter.

If you are looking for an intense non chunky highlighter , here you have it : Essence single eyeshadow in Snowflake ($1.99)


Have fun trying these cheap drugstore gems 🙂


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