Tarte Maneater Eyeshadow Palette


The Tarte Maneater Palette is a limited edition palette and it is exclusive to Tarecosmetics.com and Ulta.

It retails for $ 29. This palette is really sleek and thin and it is made out of cardboard and it is about the size of my hand palm.

I would say the perfect size for traveling since it is so small and it looks like it’s really sturdy.

The palette is definitely warmed toned and for everybody who’s not into warmed tones this isn’t going to be your cup of tea!

The palette contains 7 eyeshadows and 1 highlighter wich can be used as an eyeshadow and to highlight the highest points on the face.

You can easily create a more settle look with the shades and at the same time if you like a more dramatic eye look deepen that up.

From the reviews I’ve read about the palette I noticed that many people complained that it didn’t have a black eyeshadow in it, personally i don’t mind that I am more than happy with the color choice!

The formulation is just as great as the others palettes that I have from Tarte.

I don’t experience any fallout, the shadows are really pigmented and they blend like always PERFECT!

So if you are familiar with Tarte eyeshadow and you already love the formulation on them, than you are going to love this palette.

The palette contains 4 matte shadows , 3 shimmery-satiny shades and 1 highlighter.

Meow (ivory) – Matt finish

Passion (cream) – Satin finish

Foxy (rose gold) – Metallic finish

Purr (soft mauve) – Matt finish ( it looks like it has tiny glitters in it but when you put it on it is matte finish)

Saucy (light brown) – Matt finish

Hypnotic (shimmering berry) – Metallic-shimmery finish

Midnight (brown) – Matt finish

Lace – Highlighter

Left to Right : Lace – Midnight – Hypnotic – Saucy – Purr – Foxy – Passion – Meow
Left to Right : Lace – Midnight – Hypnotic – Saucy – Purr – Foxy – Passion – Meow


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