Tarte Magic Wands Brush Set ( Unicorn Brushes)



When Tarte dropped this Brush set Unicorn Dreams came True.

Since they announced that they would come out with this Unicorn brush set I’ve been literally stalking them on Instagram and Snapchat to find out when it’s going to drop! And the moment the collection went live I clicked on that order button like a mad lady 😀

All I have to say is : I DO NOT REGRET IT! AT ALL 😀

The brush set retails for $ 39 on tartecosmetics.com and you can get it at Sephora as well!

If you live outside of the U.S and Sephora doesn’t ship to your country tartecosmetics.com is your only option to get this brush set!

You get 5 brushes in this set, 3 face and 2 eye brushes.

The Brushes are Cruelty free, as they say No Unicorn was harmed to produce these brushes 😉

In my opinion this set is a really good deal, you get 5 brushes for $ 39 , they look beautiful , in fact the most gorgeous brushes I have ever seen, they are so pretty that I almost didn’t want to use them.

Plus on top of that they perform like a dream. They all are really soft when you use them it almost feels like a massage 🙂 . I have already washed them and they didn’t shad at all not even a single hair.


  1. Pink powder brush : I use this brush to dust powder over the areas i want to set , but mainly I use this brush to bronze up my skin.In my opinion it has just the right density to apply bronzer it just gives you an air brushed finish. Sometimes I struggle with putting to much bronzer, NOT with this brush it just applies the right amount of bronzer. I love it!
  2. Magenta contour brush: I really do not know how they did achieve this quality on this brush. The bristles are so dense but at the same time SOOOO soft! I definitely found my new favourite counter brush! It applies the contour so nicely, I’m able to actually blend and get a sharp contour without messing the foundation underneath. So far I only used this brush with powder products, but I am really positive that it will work just as good with cream products .
  3. Purple liquid foundation brush: I haven’t actually used this brush to apply foundation. This brush is described as a foundation brush but I use it to highlight. I find that this one packs on highlighter beautifully.
  4. Green blending eyeshadow brush: There is not much to say about this brush. I love it and I find it perfect to defuse shadow into my crease. It is very soft and it really gives me a natural well blendet crease.
  5. Blue shading eyeshadow brush: this brush is as the rest really good. I use it to pack eyeshadow on my lid and to highlight the brow bone.


As you can see ( read 😉 ) I am totally in love with the brush set, and I Recommend it to everyone who’s been eyeing it and didn’t know if they were worth buying.

So if you want them go for them FAST, as they are limited edition and they might sell out and despair just like Unicorns did 😉

Did anyone get them? What do you think? Do you like them just as much as I do?




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