Mask your way to beauty! L’ORÉAL Detox & Brighten and Exfoliate & Refine Clay Mask


My best Tip to a brighter healthier cleaner complexion is : Use a mask! If you are not into it you might think that does not work, but I’m talking from my own experience, once you start using them you will see the difference on your skin plus the process of taking the time and putting a mask on is so relaxing to me , that’s the time when I enjoy my ME TIME !

I few months ago i bought these two masks from L’oreal.

I got the Detox & Brighten and Exfoliate & Refine Clay Mask.

They cost each about $ 12 or Euro 9 if you live in Europe.

It might seem pricier for a Drugstore brand but it’s not. You get a lot of product and a little goes a long way.

Plus they are really good, every time I use them I see a difference in my skin.

Both of the masks are clay based.

The way I use it is after I wash my face or from time to time when I want to feel extra fancy I will steam my face ( that way the pores open and the mask has a better chance to do its wonders on the skin) and then apply the mask onto damp skin and I usually leave it for longer than it says (10 min.) about 20 minutes.

After that I rinse the mask of and do the usual steps as usual.

L’ORÉAL Exfoliate & Refine Clay Mask


L’ORÉAL Exfoliate & Refine Clay Mask

This is the Exfoliate & Refine one. It has small grains in it witch are great for exfoliating.

I will use this one when I see that I have any dry patches or even if I don’t have any, just to prevent them.

It is very important to Exfoliate your skin from time to time since there are always dead skin cells that could clog your pores and through that cause pimples.

Plus through exfoliating your skin, your skin will looks much smother and brighter over all and if you do wear make-up, the makeup will glide so much better without clinging to any dry.

After I let the mask sit I will dampen my face while the mask is still on and massage it in, the grains in it exfoliate my skin so gentle leaving it soft like a baby’s butt 😉

L’ORÉAL Detox & Brighten Clay Mask
L’ORÉAL Detox & Brighten Clay Mask

The Detox & Brighten Mask is great for when you have any blemish.

I use this one every time I see that there is a pimple about to pop out or when I notice that my skin looks dull.

The texture of this mask is really smooth.

Every time I use this one I notice that it helps my pimples heal feaster and if my skin is looking a little dull it really helps brighten things up.

It does the things it says that it does.

If you struggle with skin issues like pimples, dryness, dullness or if you just want to do something good for your skin I absolutely encourage you to take that extra time for you and your skin.

You will enjoy that time that you take to take care for your skin and your skin will thank you for taking care of it 😉


Do you guys use any masks ? Do you have any recommendation for me to try out ?




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