Maroon, burgundy eyeshadows



If you want to incorporate some fun color into your eyeshadow look and you don’t know with what to start i have a good tipp for you.

Just go for those reddish , maroon, burgundy shades. They are perfect for beginners who want to go more bold but don’t know how to.

You can always start by dusting a little bit into your crease (use for this step a matte eyeshadow) and you are good to go or you can slowly build it up and get a more intense look.

Or you can create a smokey eye, throw the matt eyeshadow into your crease and lit and to top it of use a shimmery reddish eyeshadow on your lit and you will get an intense beautiful smokey eye.

Another reason why I think that reddish eyeshadows are a fun way to start incorporating color into your look is that you can not go wrong with them, in my opinion they suit every eye color  they just enhance it. So it’s a fun way without having the risk of looking like a clown in the end 🙂

All of the eyeshadows pictured above are from Makeupgeek! You can buy them directly on their site ( or if you live in Europe you can buy them on as well.

Have fun going bold 😉


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