Kathleen Lights x Colourpop Dream Team Lip Bundle full Review & Swatches


This Lip bundle came a while ago and it’s a Collab between Kathleen Lights and Colourpop!

Together with this lip bundle she also launched the Dream St. eyeshadow palette!

The Dream Team bundle comes with two Ultra Satin lipsticks and one Ultra Glossy Lip.

You can buy each shade separately and it retails for $6 or if you like all of the three shade you can purchase the bundle which will retail for $16 that way you would save $3 which would make these already affordable lipsticks even cheaper!

The first ultra satin lip is called RÊVER and it is a bright neon orange. This Ultra satin lip is incredible just like their other Ultra Satin lips. Ultra pigmented I’m talking one swipe full-on color and although this formula isn’t transfer-proof it is super long lasting and very very comfortable on the lips.

The second ultra satin lip is called DREAMY and it is a peachy pink and again super pigmented shade and just as good as the first shade.

The third amigo in this bundle is the Ultra Glossy lip in the shade Moon Child and this one is definitely my favorite one out of the three! It is the most gorgeous pinky nude with a hint of shimmers in it which makes the lips look extra juicy and plump.

The formula of the gloss is also very good it is glossy but not sticky and although it is a gloss it lasts a really good time on the lips.


What are your thoughts on this Lip bundle have you tried them?

And also if you were looking for more information on how to get Colourpop in Europe I have a full-on dedicated post on that! Check it out 🙂



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