ColourPop Single Eyeshadow Collection Full Review and Swatches


Here is my take on all the single eyeshadow pans from Colourpop that I own!

I don’t own that many but the ones I own I love and I think that they are a must-have in my collection!

A single eyeshadow pan at Colourpop will cost you only $ 4. And that is so far the cheapest eyeshadow pan I’ve come across where the quality of the shadow isn’t chalky and not worth the $ 4  but compares easily to a high-end eyeshadow pan where you would pay $ 20.

For the price, you get 1,5 g / 0,053 oz. They often have an offer where you buy 4 eyeshadow and you’d get for free a 4 pan magnetic palette where you can store your eyeshadow pans. And you also can choose between just the eyeshadow pan for $ 4 or if you wish you can get them in a single pan container for $ 5.
Single eyeshadow pan container

Not only is the quality and the price great, but Colourpop almost weakly drops something new. The constantly come out with the latest trend. In my opinion that is great because you don’t have to pay that much for an eyeshadow that you would probably use only for a few occasions.

The first quad/pressed powder eyeshadows I’ve ever purchased from Colourpop is the Hi-Maintenance Pressed Powder Shadow Palette and if you decide to get the premade quad like I did you will only pay $ 12 that’s right that makes the eyeshadows per pan even cheaper. $ 3 per pan plus you get the little palette to store them!

In this quad, you get 2 shimmery/metallic shades and two matte ones! This quad is perfect for all you berry lovers!

Shades and description:

Just In Time


Just in time – Soft satin light gold shade

High Stung

High Stung – A metallic on the deeper side dusty rose shade

Get Out

Get Out – A matte Cranberry shade

Cute Alert

Cute Alert – A deep burgundy matte shade

These shade perform beautifully, I have to say they even apply better than they swatch. They are super pigmented easy to work with and long wearing.

Second eyeshadow quad I have here is the one they realized during summer 2017 and it’s the Pressed Powder eyeshadow palette in Heavy Hitter.

Unfortunately, they don’t carry this bundle anymore but they do sell all the shades as singles.

This quad is my absolute favorite one it is perfect! I love the warm tones, you have your light shade to set your eyeshadow primer or to highlight your lid shade and your crease and outer v shade.

Shades and description:


Full-Zip – a matte ivory shade


Ringer – a metallic light champagne shade

Side Tracked

Side Tracked – a matte terracotta with gold flecks

Top Notch

Top Notch – a matte brownish terracotta

And same as the previews shades these to perform perfectly!

This quad was in collaboration with Sonya Esman ant it was called Gemini By Night. And just like the previews one this quad isn’t available anymore as a quad. And it seems like they don’t carry the shades even as singles. I tried to find similar shades on Colourpop and will list them next to the matching one from this quad.

Shades and description:

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge – A light matte brown ( similar to one of the existing shades called Wake Up Call)

The Hidden Hills

The Hidden Hills – a satin light brown ( I couldn’t find anything that close, the only shade that is slightly similar to this shade is the shade Boxer, based on the swatches I saw n Colourpop site)

Manhattan Coffe Run

Manhattan Coffe Run – A matte deep brown leaning more on the cool side ( similar to Feathered or Lil’Boat)

Moscow Sunrise

Moscow Sunrise – a deep metallic cranberry (slightly similar to High Sung)

Moving next to the shades that aren’t available in premade quads.

Paper Tiger

Paper Tiger is a very trendy matte mustardy yellow eyeshadow.

Let Me Explain

Let me Explain is the perfect metallic light champagne for highlighting your inner corner or for all over the lid.


Let Me Explain

And last but not least is the shade, Milli. Unfortunately, this shade was also a freebie limited edition shade.


Milli is a rich true ultra metallic Copper ( similar existing shade on Colourpop: BPM)

What are your thoughts on Colourpop singe eyeshadow? Do you own any? Any recommendations for a shade I need to try asap ( I mean I wanna own them all but my bank account won’t let me 😀 )



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