Colourpop in Europe (Austria) ? Shopping experience

everything was wrapped in these foam kind of sheets
in the box the things i’ve ordered and some cute cards

If you are just by 1% addicted to makeup than you probably heard of colourpop. It is an incredible affordable and hight quality brand plus cruelty-free :). I do not have enough good word about the brand. Just visit their site and you will see it yourself. (

Now if you do not live in the US like me and you want to know everything about the shopping/shipping process than you are in the right place. Currently I live in Austria and about a year ago colourpop started shipping worldwide, and since than I wanted to order some more stuff out of their website.

The shopping process:
You go to their site and shop like in every other online shop, in this website prices are in dollars.

They have free international shipping when you order over $50 and inside the US over $30 so I ordered just above $50 and got the shipping for free, then I immediately got the order notification and the next day I got the e-mail that my package was shipped the shipping to Vienna was really really fast it took just 3 days.

in the box the things i’ve ordered and some cute cards

From there it took about 2 weeks until it got processed through costumes and arrived at my local posts office.

But now comes the part where it gets a “bit complicated” if you buy something from a country (outside the EU) than you have to pay taxes in you country.
the amount of the taxes varies depending on the country you are living.

So for example I live in Austria and the regulation over here is: If you are importing a shipment with a total declared value MORE than 22 Euros than you are paying the Import turnover tax (in German: einfuhrumsatzsteuer) and if your package is costing over 150 Euros you are going to pay taxes (zoll gebühr) as well. (you can find information about your country if you just google it).

So since I ordered over $50 I had to pay when my package arrived, in my case I had to pay an extra 20 Euros. I had to go to my local post and I paid the 20 Euros over there and got my package.

My shopping experience at colourpop was very pleasant despite the fact that I had to pay the extra money when I got my stuff. I would recommended to everyone, if you are eyeing something and you badly want to try their stuff than go on, do it. Colourpop is so inexpensive and the quality is just amazing, it is totally worth it even if you’re paying the extra duty and taxes.

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