Colourpop All I See Is Magic Eyeshadow Palette- Is it really Magical?!


This palette launched during the holiday season 2017 and it isn’t the typical 12 pan eyeshadow palette like the first ones they released this eyeshadow palette has 15 pans and it includes different finishes like matte, metallics, and satin.

This palette has something for everybody. You get great transition shades, you have your browns your oranges/corals pinks mauves, burgundy golds, browbone/inner corner highlighting shades and even a duochrome green/brown ( my favorite) eyeshadows.

You can literally create anything you desire with this palette starting from something simple to glam and to a more colorful eye look!

The pan sizes are the same size as their 12 pan eyeshadow palettes! You get 15 pans x 1.0g/0.035 oz.

And the best part (as always with Colourpop) this palette retails for only $20!!!

Remember the scene from Friends when Rachel bits “A 20 A Dollars” on that Paris trip! That’s all I hear in my head when I think about this palette 😀

The quality of the eyeshadows is just as good as everything else from Colourpop. The eyeshadows are super pigmented they blend perfectly and I don’t experience any abnormal fall out during application and they last a really long time on my lids.

Side note: the metallics ( as any other shimmery/metallic shade) perform the best if you use your fingers to apply them!

This palette could easily cost between $ 40-50 and it would still be a really good deal, and at this price ($20), it is a great steal.

Shade names and description:

Go Wish: matte pastel peach

Now and Zen: Duochrom pale yellow with a gold flip

11:11: metallic rose gold 

Treat Yourself: satin ivory

Top Notch: matte warm brown

Tinsel Town: matte burgundy

Twinkle Toes: metallic dirty gold

Something Special: metallic maroon with purple glitter

Wishful Winking: duochrome warm brown/teal 

Pitter Patter: metallic rosy copper 

Save It For Later: metallic orangy gold

Big Spoon: matte pastel pink

T-Cup: matte warm dusty mauve

Imperial: matte deep orange

Never Never: metallic dark brown with multi-dimensional glitter

These swatches really don’t do this palette any justice! The lighting really sucked the day I took the picture, so that’s what I’m working with 😉 (bare with me 😀 )

I managed to capture the beauty of these colors on these two pictures a little better 😉

All the swatches are dry and I have no base (no primer, foundation or power) underneath. And as you can see they swatch beautifully.

I really love this palette, I love the color selection the performance and even more the price! I don’t regret buying this palette what so ever!

And in my opinion, this palette is really magical just as the name of the palette suggests 😉

If you haven’t got yours yet and you’ve been eyeing this one I would say go for it while it’s there. Since this palette was a part of their holiday collection and it might be discontinued I’d say go now or never 😀

If you already own this Palette what do you guys think? Do you like it, do you Love it or have you regret buying it? Comment down below 🙂










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