Caramel Melange Eyeshadow Palette by ZOEVA, Can’t believe almost NO ONE is talking about this palette!!! Full Review And Swatches


My first question is Why isn’t anyone really talking about this palette? I know that the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette is well loved and that for a good reason I already own that one and at some point, I was obsessed with the Cocoa Blend. But why isn’t the Caramel Melange getting its well-deserved attention?!
I recently got the Caramel Melange Palette as a gift. I immediately fell in love with the palette!
The color selection is to die for and the quality of the eyeshadows is even better than the Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette, at least in my opinion!

This is what the otter packaging looks like a beautiful chocolate brown with gold detailing. The packaging is made out of cardboard but still, it doesn’t feel cheap or anything like that, it feels more high-end than the actual price tag of the palette!

This palette retails for $ 26,50 on Zoeva’s website and they ship worldwide, or if you live in Europe you can get it in Sephora or Douglas!

Plaisir Box | Zoeva

And this is how this beauty looks from the inside! The palette contains 10 shades arranged in two rows. You have a good mixture of matte and shimmery shades. You can create an entire look without having to jump in between palettes!

What makes this palette so special to me is the color selection. You have all these warm delicious, sultry shades that I absolutely love!

You can create a light more daytime appropriate look or something deeper and warmer.

Out of the 10 shades, 6 are matte ones, you also have one matte shade infused with a ton of glitter and the other the shades have a shimmery/metallic finish!

All the shades in the palette are very pigmented, they apply and blend very well and I don’t experience any kind of fallout while applying them that would bother me! The wear time is also very good they last really well throughout the day without any help of a primer, just on top of regular concealer.

Here comes a closer look at all the shades in the palette!

Wax Paper

The first shade is Wax Paper and it is a matte soft white shade.

Universal Delight

The second shade in the first row is called Universal Delight and it is a matte shade as well! I would describe this shade as a very light beige color perfect as a transition shade or for blending harsh lines.

Third shade in the first row is a really bright popping almost neon orange-red. This shade is called Aftertaste and it is a matte shade. I love this shade you can really pack a punch of color and create a bright eye look or you can use this one just to add a hint of color to your eye look without being too overboard.

Next one is the shade called 182°C and it’s a shimmery shade. This shade is really hard to describe I would say that it is shimmery peachy shade when swatched.

The last shade in the first row is called Liquid Center and it is a beautiful metallic copper.

Next, we have the first shade on the bottom row and it’s a beautiful matte pinky brown and its called Alchemy.

Second shade in this row is the shade called Start Soft. This one is a reddish brown with a matte finish. A beautiful shade to deepen the crease, outer corner or for the lower lashline.

Finish Sensual is the next shade and it’s a matte shade. In the pan, it looks like it has some mauve undertones but when swatched it comes out like a neutral brown. This shade is perfect to use when you want to create a more neutral look out of this palette!

Almost Burnt is the next shade and this one is a true yellow gold without being too yellow. This shade has a soft metallic finish.

And the very last shade in this palette is Edible Gem. This shade is a deep plum with multidimensional glitters. The perfect shade to deepen a take a look from soft to dramatic. The best way to apply this shade is by using a flat eyeshadow brush or your finger and padding it onto your lids if you want to keep the glitters otherways if you use blending motion you’ll lose most of it!

Here are some swatches with no base under them.

And this pictures was taken under direct sunlight so you can really see how blinding and beautiful those shimmery shades really are!

And the very last picture of the shades swatched 🙂

What do you guys think about this palette? Do you already have it or do you plan on getting it?




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