Best High End Foundations for Dry Skin that You Need to Try out ASAP!!!



Dry skin can be often times really annoying! You put foundation on and later it starts crumbling down your face! That’s not why we put foundation on!

If you are suffering from dry skin, it is really important to take good care of your skin that includes the right skincare, moisturizing, a lot of moisturizing and finally the right foundation!

My favorite foundations for dry skin, that never look dry, cakey or crumble on my skin are:

  1. Tarte Cosmetics Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation. This foundation comes in a jar and many people consider this as not that hygienic, but I found my way around and I really do not mind it coming in a jar! The way I use it I scoop a little with my brush handle and dot it all over the face and then go to blend it with a damp sponge! I think that this method works really good and I don’t have any complaint about it. What I like about this foundation is the fact that it contains Hyaluronic acid in it which really helps to keep the skin moisturized and plumb throughout the time that the Foundation is on the skin! It also contains Vitamin E which is an antioxidant which helps fight the signs of aging and brightens the complexion. The foundation has a really skin like look it offers a high medium coverage on the first layer and you can definitely build it up. The foundation comes in only 17 shades which I think is a little of a bummer and I would like to see Tarte coming out with more shades in this foundation range.

The foundation contains the standard 1 fl oz/30 ml and it retails for $39! You can buy this Foundation on and in Ulta! This foundation is part of their Double duty Beauty line which is exclusive to Ulta that’s why you can not get this on Sephora.

2. My next favorite is the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation.

The NARS Sheer Glow Foundation is a Cult favorite! It is a more pricer Foundation but I think that it is worth every penny! It retails for $47 in Sephora and you get the standard amount of 1fl oz/ 30 ml.

The major Dooooownside to this foundation is that it doesn’t come with a pump! That was the only thing where I was kind of “ahaa!??!” when I bought it, it’s like you pay almost $ 50 for a foundation and you aren’t getting a pump! A foundation that you buy at the drugstore for a fraction of the price comes with a pump, so Nars definitely has to fix that one! But luckily the DO sell a pump for the foundation that cost a couple of bucks and I quickly decided to buy the pump since I didn’t want to waste any product by pouring it out!

As far as the product performing goes I’m absolutely impressed. It is described as a sheer, buildable coverage foundation with a radiant natural finish, with which I completely agree. I only need one pump to cover up my whole face and a get a beautiful medium coverage out of that pump. If you have dry skin and don’t suffer that much from acne then this would be a great one for you. If you suffer from active acne and you have a lot to cover I wouldn’t go with this foundation, there are definitely better ones out there for you.

Also, the Foundation comes in only 20 shades, so you have something to choose from but still, in my opinion, it is lacking in shade range especially coming from such a good and hyped up brand.

3. Lancôme Tient Miracle Foundation

This Foundation also retails for $47 and you can get it at or on Lancome’s official website. It contains 1 fl oz/ 30 ml and it comes in 25 shades.

I love this foundation it was my lifesaver during accutane. It is really moisturizing and at the same time, it covered really good my acne.

It wears really good throughout the day and it never cakes or flakes up. So if you really are suffering from dry skin or if you are on accutane and you are struggling with finding the right foundation for your skin then go with this one.

4. Josie Maran Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation retails for $45 and you can get it at Sephora.

It also comes with the standard 1 fl oz/ 30 ml.

The special thing about this foundation is that it contains Argan oil. Witch if you have dry skin you are going to love.

The foundation delivers a medium coverage but you can build it up to a high medium coverage. This foundation is also good for dry skin but if you don’t have to cover much. I personally like that because I usually go for a medium coverage foundation since I really do not like a heavy look for a day to day look.

If you have oily skin I would highly suggest that you’d stay away from this foundation since it contains Argan oil, and that isn’t going to look faltering on you once your natural oils starts coming out.

The major downfall of this foundation is AGAIN the shade range. It only comes in 13 shades which is very poor. I hope that they come out with more shades. But if you manage to find your shade in that range then go for it.


What are your favorite foundations for dry skin? Any recommendation for me to try out?



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