The Comfort Zone Palette by Wet’n’Wild is in my opinion the best and cheapest Palette that you can find at the drugstore!

Depending on where you buy it, it will coast between $ 4-5.

The palette contains 8 shades and all of them ar shimmer-satin shades. Considering the price I don’t really mind the fact that this palette doesn’t include any matte shade!

The best way to apply these shades is by using your fingers, I find that that way applies them the best but if you want to use a brush with them, that will absolutely work as well. If used with a brush I would recommend using some kind of spray like the Mac Prep + Prime spray so you’d get the most payoff out of the shades!

The shades aren’t named but again for that price who cares!

Here is the palette swatched.

As you can see it contains a light champagne shade. The next one swatched is a light rosy shade.

Next one is a beautiful bronze shade and the last one in that colon is a deep brown with red-burgundy glitter.

The first shade in the next colon is a really beautiful satin silver. Next comes a light green that is very wearable if you always wanted to wear green but wear to afraid that it would look crazy.

Next comes a deep forest green and it contains just a hint of gold glitter. This shade is the only shade in my opinion that if you tap your brush you could use as a matt shade.

And the least shade and my favourite in this palette is this duo chrome red-blue-green shade. It has a red base with blue-green shift. Depending on the angle that you look at it it will look more red ore it will have that blue-green shift to it. A really great way to make this eyeshadow pop is laying a black base underneath and than on top the eyeshadow. It will look stunning , by putting the black base underneath that blue-green shift will really pop.

If you can get your hands on this palette definitely get it, you can not go wrong !

And as always Wet’n’Wild is cruelty free, so if you don’t like your make-up being tested on our furry friends than this is the brand for you!


Have you tried it ? Will you try it? What do you think?




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