Best Drugstore base make-up for dry skin


Here are my picks from the drugstore for those of you who are on a budget or don’t want to spend all of your money on high-end makeup!

In my opinion make-up doesn’t need to be expensive to be good, you don’t have to spend $ 50 on a foundation to get a flawless face.

These products are best suited for people with dry skin but you can definitely make it look good even if you have oily or combo skin.


First starting with a primer and my favorite from the drugstore is the NYX Honey Dew Me Up Skin Serum & Primer. Now if you really have dry skin you are going to love this one it has a gel-like consistency and it is infused with honey, gold flakes and collagen which are going to keep your skin moisturized and looking plump. But if your skin type is leaning more on the oily side I would probably skip over this one, there are certainly more suited primers at the drugstore for you than this.

This primer retails somewhere between $ 16,99 and $ 13 depending on where you get it!


Moving on to Foundation, and my favorite one would be the L’oreal Infallible Pro-Glow. This foundation is by far my favorite one from the drugstore and it is definitely in my top 5 overall favorite foundations.

It is very lightweight and it sits really beautiful on the skin. It has a high medium coverage  (for me at least) and I can definitely build it up to a full coverage. Every time I wear this foundation I am amazed at how dewy and healthy my skin looks. I like to apply this foundation with a damp beauty sponge, I find it to work best with this particular formula.

The lasting power is really good and when it starts to wear off it really does it gracefully it doesn’t get cakey or crumbles of your face.

The only 2 major downsides to this foundation are that it comes in only 12 shades and I think that L’oreal should really step up their game and give more people the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful product. And the second downside, this product is not available outside the U.S, I mean really ??? L’OREAL BRIIIIIIING THIS FOUNDATION IN THE OTHER PARTS OF THE WORLD!!!

The foundation retails between $12,99 and $10,99 again depending on where you buy it.

For concealer, I recommend again from L’oreal the Infallible Pro-Glow concealer. This concealer has a radiant finish. The coverage is light and it is great for those No-Makeup days. If you like a full coverage concealer than you might want to pass on this one ( Another great option from the Drugstore is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer, this one has more coverage than the L’oreal one).

The thing that I like the most is the way this concealer blends, it almost blends itself. And as far as creasing goes I do like to set this one with a little powder, but that’s something I do it with any concealer I wear because I do have some fine lines under my eyes where I tend to crease.

The downside to this concealer AGAIN the shade range, it only comes in 8 shades and it is only available in the U.S.

The concealer retails between $9,99 and $8,99

My next favorite product from the drugstore and my holy grail powder is the Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder.

This powder comes in 5 shades and the one I use is the Naturally Neutral. It is slightly tinted but it doesn’t translate into the skin when I put it on. And the most important thing IT DOESN’T HAVE A FLASHBACK!

I always used to have that flashback problem with powders and my skin especially my underage area ( that’s where I use mostly powder to set my concealer) would feel so dry and cakey to the point where sometimes I had to take my makeup off and redo it.

This powder is so great it gets the job done without drying out my skin and plus it’s from the drugstore!

If you live in Europe like I do you can find this one on Amazon. And for those of you who live in the U.S, you can get it at any drugstore. I got mine at Walmart when I was in the U.S

The powder retails between $6 – $8.


And last but not least Setting spray: My favorite is the Milani Make it Dewy Setting Spray Hydrate Illuminate & Set.

Since I have dry skin I always use Setting spray especially if it’s one of those days where I overdo it with powders. This spray does what it claims it sets my face it takes the powdery look down and it gives a really beautiful dewy finish.

It smells really refreshing and the mister is really good.

It retails for $ 8,97 at Walmart and in Europe for Euro 14,70 on

These are my Holy Grail Drugstore products that I would definitely repurchase after I run out!

What are your favorite Drugstore finds? Any recommendations for me to try out in the future?





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