Beauty News 3 – Hot new Make-up coming out from Colourpop


The fist palette we are going to talk is the new – You had me at Hello- Palette from Colourpop!

It just launched today and it retails for $18. This Palette is the same as their previews Palettes Yes Please, She, I think I love you palette and the My little Pony Palette , but this one not like the others comes with a mirror and that’s why it retails for $18 compared to their other witch retail for $16.

$18 is still a fair price in my opinion and I really appreciate the Colourpop Team for hearing what their costumers want.

The Palette has 12 shades from witch 6 are matte and 6 shimmer shades!

The palette leans more toward the mauve tones but it also has these beautiful brown shades witch can be used to create a more daytime appropriate look!

And this is the colour description witch Colourpop provides for the shadows in this palette:

The Knot: metallic cool-toned ivory
Moon Struck: metallic soft gold
Two Peas: matte peachy beige
Candygram: metallic pinky red with gold duochrome
Winning Ticket: matte dusty mauve pink
FBO: metallic pink violet
Look-See: matte cool-toned plum
Fool’s Rush: metallic golden bronze
Pulling Strings: matte warm saddle brown
Want U Back: matte dusty mauve brown
DTR: metallic silvery taupe
Sparks Fly: matte deep plummy brown

This palette looks super wearable to me and I really hope that it performs just as the others I own from Colourpop, I guess I have to wait until it arrives to see what’s this baby like 😉

Did you place an order on this? Will you get it?


Next one is again The Colourpop Element of Surprise Palette

This palette is just as the previews ones it Doesn’t come with a mirror, it contains 12 eyeshadows and it retails for $16.

The Element of Surprise Palette also launched today together with the You had me at hello Palette!

This Palette contains more neutral leaning to warm shades and some pop of colours like the bright metallic pink shade.

The colour selection looks really beautiful, I think this is perfect for someone who likes neutral-warm tones but from time to time they like a pop of colour as well!

From what it looks the Palette has 5 matte shades and 7 shimmery shades.

And here is the colour description that Colourpop provides for this palette:

Feels: metallic soft opalescent pink
Late Night: metallic copper with gold duochrome
Silk Street: matte purple-fuchsia
Rayon: metallic dark coral with blue-green duochrome
Go With the Flow: matte true peach
Subdue: metallic lavender with blue-green duochrome
Opulent: metallic bright true fuchsia
Labyrinth: matte dusty pink
Blank Canvas: matte deep maroon
Sea Stars: matte medium yellow brown
Details: matte smoky burgundy sprinkled with hot pink glitter
Peace of Mind: metallic bright burgundy

Also There is a little note under the shade description that says that the shade Silk Street, Opulent And Blank Canvas are not intended for use in the immediate eye area! That is a little confusing I have to look into it, It surely has to do with the ingredients that these shadows contain! Will keep you posted on that!


The Next launches are Sephora exclusive and they will be launching on Oct 31.

Until now they have sneak peaked 4 products that will be launching at Sephora: witch include 2 eyeshadow Palettes 1 Lipgloss Trio and a Supershock Highlighter Trio.


This is The Golden State of Mind Palette.

It contains 15 eyeshadows and it will retail for $26.

Notice the Price difference? Well don’t get mad at that they justify the price increase with the fact that the pans contain a little more product than their original pans in their 12 pan eyeshadow Palettes. Where in the 12 pan eyeshadow palette you get  0.85g (0.03oz) per pan you will get 0.035 oz/ 0.98 g per pan in The Golden State of Mind Palette.

Despite the Price increase on this palette I still think that it is a good deal especially when you compared to other brands that are sold at Sephora. If it was another brand you would easily pay for the same product/quality/amount up to $40-50.

If I could get my hand on the Palette I would definitely get it, but unfortunately I live in a country where Sephora doesn’t ship 🙁

All the shades in the palette have a metallic/glittery finish.

Here is the colour description on Sephora’s website for this palette:

Pay the Piper (icy blue),

GIRLFRIEND (pink with violet glitter),

Uptight (rose gold),

Sparkler (silvery bronze),

Can’t Stop (icy champagne ivory),

Golden Egg (pinky beige with turquoise glitter),

Unsupervised (pink champagne),

Lust in Time (medium cool rose),

Zero Clue (vibrant warm yellow),

Mind Tricks (icy blackened purple),

Watch Out (golden ivory with pink glitter),

Wing Woman (red brown with green and gold glitter),

Heads or Tales (icy cranberry),

Drizzle (icy baby pink),

Tinker Time (blackened antique gold with blue glitter).


Next Palette is The Semi Precious Shadow Palette

It is a Sephora Exclusive, it contains 8 shades and it will retail for $26.

In this Palette the pan size is bigger even than their singe pan eyeshadows. One of their original single pan eyeshadows contains 1.5g (0.053oz) of product where the pans in this palette contain 2.0 g (0.07 oz) of product, so you are definitely getting more product.

To be honest this eyeshadow Palette doesn’t appeal that much to me, not that the shade selection is bad but I think if you get one of these 2 eyeshadow Palette you are good to go. And the Golden State of Mind palette speaks more to me and there are some similar shades in there to this palette!

Here are some swatches of the shades from Sephora website.

What do you think? Are picking up this Palette?

Here we have the Lip gloss Trio in Feelin Fine!

This bundle will retail for $18 on Sephora. For comparison the Lip bundles at Colourpop retail for $15 as for now. So you will pay $3 more on this bundle.

In this bundle you are getting a more nude shade, one that is more berry and the least shade is more brown toned.

And last but not least The Legit AF Super shock highlighting Trio.

These shades are preexisting shades you can already buy them as singles on Colourpop’s Website. Each retails for $8. This bundle will retail for $24 pretty much even as if you would buy everyone individually.

I already own a few Super Shock Highlighters and I am in love with them, highly recommend them

The set includes the shades:

Wisp: A golden champagne with gold pearls.

Spoon: A light silver champagne with multi-dimensional glitter

Over The Moon: A sheer opalescent pearl with hot pink and violet glitters.

These are so far all the products that they sneak peaked  that are launching at  Sephora. I’m sure a ton is coming our way 😀

Are you exited ?



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