How to Stay Healthy

More often than not, women fall short of beautiful makeup. But you can rest assured that the growing phenomenon that is makeup is here to stay and it is here to stay because it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. It is important to use makeup in moderation, but when you feel like going for it,… Continue reading How to Stay Healthy

Simple Airbrush Makeup Tips

Before you begin any makeup application think carefully about the look you want. Does it need to be natural? To Extend the look of your current foundation? Or, is there a bright rainbow of colors waiting to droop onto your jaw line? With these key considerations in mind, here are some tips to keep in… Continue reading Simple Airbrush Makeup Tips

How to Apply Eye Shadow

Eyes Eye shadow is your best makeup tool. Using eye shadow you can create the style of eyes you want. For example, bold, dramatic eye makeup will look great on those who have wide, rows, or small eyes. Sweep subtle, colour across the lids, and blend in at the edges to look fresh. Start with… Continue reading How to Apply Eye Shadow

How to Get the Perfect Makeup

Before you start looking for gorgeous makeup, you first have to get the perfect base. Perfect makeup is essential to make you look gorgeous. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing body skin is also important before applying any makeup else on your face. After a good cleanse, you can now apply concealer to hide any dark circles… Continue reading How to Get the Perfect Makeup

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